the years of learning

Ferran Adrià’s work experience at elBulli.
Ferran joins the staff.
A duo in charge of the kitchen.
The beginning of a personal career.
What elBulli was like.
Some dishes of that time.
1983-1986. What elBulli was like. The feelings one gets driving from Roses to Cala Montjoi are the same as those of twenty years ago. The road surface is much better now, it is true, but the landscape still offers magnificent views to the eyes: the Gulf of Roses, the craggy coastline of the south side of Cape Creus, the inlets with their clear waters, and finally, framed by the projection of Cape Norfeu, the slim form of Cala Montjoi. As far as the restaurant itself is concerned, the dining areas are almost the same as Ferran found them in 1983 (as Juli had already extended the second dining area). The major changes are to be found in the garden, the parking area, and the kitchen, which were subsequently modified. The kitchen occupied a cramped area of some 50 m², with room for barely ten people, and had certain drawbacks that prevented us from developing the style we were later aspiring to.

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