elBulli1983-2011 General Catalogue

The General Catalogue is the result of several years of work that gathers together all the elBulli creations from 1983 to today, which have been included in thirteen books and five CD-ROMs:
elBulli1983-1993, elBulli1994-1997, elBulli1998-2002, elBulli2003-2004, elBulli2005 and elBulli2005-2011.

This General Catalogue is now presented on-line for you to consult:
  1. The creations have been divided into blocks which correspond to each of the books.
  2. The 1,846 photographs which are included in the complete Catalogue are shown year by year in menu order, and within each block, by family.

With regard to families in the menu order:
  1. When a family did not feature in a particular year, the space is blank.
  2. The snacks family underwent a modification in 2003 and 2004, when a distinction was made between dry snacks and fresh snacks.
  3. Similarly, tapas and dishes were merged into a single family from 2003 onwards (tapas/dishes).
  4. From 1998 onwards, our petits fours changed their name to follies, which in 2001 lived side by side with our morphs on the menu. From 2003, the latter replaced the former at the end of the meal.
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