an emphasis on investigation

Covers of The New York Times Magazine, Le Monde and Time.
Science department in elBullitaller.
Setting up of the Alicia Foundation.
The birth of Fast Good.
La cocina fácil de Ferran Adrià.
The inauguration of the Ferran Adrià Chair.
2004. The birth of Fast Good. This concept was engendered by a question: is it possible to provide fast food, at a reasonable price, which is healthy and of high quality? The answer has been Fast Good, a catering idea thought up by Ferran Adrià and subsequently run by NH Hoteles, in an attempt to dignify, as it were, fast food. In other words, at a time when we would be deceiving ourselves if we were to ignore the evidence, in which social customs regarding everyday food have changed, we who are involved in haute cuisine can either lock ourselves in our ivory tower, or else try to introduce our experience and skills and offer them to society in the form of quality at a reasonable price. This was our original idea, and we are pleased to see that Fast Good still follows these principles and has been extremely well received.

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