an emphasis on investigation

Covers of The New York Times Magazine, Le Monde and Time.
Science department in elBullitaller.
Setting up of the Alicia Foundation.
The birth of Fast Good.
La cocina fácil de Ferran Adrià.
The inauguration of the Ferran Adrià Chair.
2004. La cocina fácil de Ferran Adrià. The idea for the release of these DVDs in October 2004 had been hatched two years previously. Indeed, at the beginning, several episodes and recipes had been filmed for broadcasting on a television programme that, for various reasons, never saw the light of day. Subsequently, with the idea of making a DVD collection, the filming was completed and 11 programmes were made. The idea of the collection is to make available to the public the most suitable techniques and concepts for application in the home, and to try and improve everyday food, an idea that we have always held.

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