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The inauguration of the Ferran Adrià Chair.
2005. The inauguration of the Ferran Adrià Chair. The fact that the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid has decided to set up the Ferran Adrià Chair is something that fills us with pride. Since October 2005, this Chair, which is defined as being of "Gastronomic culture and Food sciences" has been teaching subjects such as food safety, nutrition, food composition, taste education and creativity in cooking. Cooking has penetrated the University world, and this seems to us to be highly significant and an interesting prospect for the future, particularly in the theoretical field. Indeed, while there are already a great many schools teaching practical cooking, this is a good time for similar theoretical projects to mushroom. As far as we are concerned, thanks to the books of evolutionary analysis that we have been writing in the last few years, we feel that our participation will not be merely a token gesture, as we have a theoretical starting out point from which we shall be able make a contribution to this initiative.

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Presentation of the Ferran Adrià Chair.

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